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About Our Services

Chester Choice Boarding offers large and small animals overnight spots, grooming and personal care that you would want for you big or little one.


DOGS-CCB offers NEW small animal facilities for dogs, cats and any other small animal needs you may have. New spots, air conditioning and personal care will make your small animal's stay safe and comfortable. All animals are required to bring current vaccination records form the vet. The dogs will have a large turn out and can be group play with dogs of correct attitude and size, if you would like.  Feed can be purchased for $1/cup but we recommend you bring your own.

CATS-New scratching posts and cozy spots are available for your special cat or kitten. All cats are required to have UTD vaccinations. Litter boxes will be checked hourly during lobby hours.


LARGE ANIMALS- CCB offers three boarding options for large animals. 12' x 12' stalls with new shavings, 12' x 12' stalls with lightly used shavings and 40'x 30' turnout pens. The stalls are in the shade in the afternoon and the turnout pens are in the shade in the morning.We require that animals be halter broke and have the appropriate vet work for each breed. Mixed grass square bales are available for $4.00/bale. We have sterilized buckets for feeding and watering or you can bring your own.

RIDING LESSONS- available for beginners or advanced students. Concentration on horsemanship, tack fitting and bit choice. Lesson horses and ponies available or you can bring your own.  Instructor has 40 years of  experience in English, Western, shows and rodeos.


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Chester Choice Boarding offers large stalls, turn out pens and the NEW dog and cat boarding facility.


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large animals

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